Today, because of Debra Sue’s compassionate and intelligent care, I continue to remain in remission.

In 2008 when diagnosed with Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I wanted an integrative approach to healing and Debra Sue was recommended. Over these past four years, she has been amazingly helpful, both with my psychological and physical well being. Her knowledge about Western and Eastern medicine and how you integrate them has been vital in helping me stay balanced and healthy through and after a most challenging chemotherapy regiment.  Today, because of Debra Sue’s compassionate and intelligent care, I continue to remain in remission.

–  Pat M., cancer thriver and life-enthusiast


My oncologist originally diagnosed me as terminal…

In January 2009 I was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer.  When my daughter died of biliary cancer in 1995 I decided that if I ever had cancer I would not go through Western cancer treatment and especially chemotherapy.  I already had a complex health background of Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, a major heart attack in 1997 and arterial blockages.  When my daughter Susan insisted I see Debra Sue, I agreed.  Debra Sue talked to me about supporting my immune system with herbs.  I didn’t like the taste of the herbs, but after a while I began to feel better than I had in a long time, perhaps years!  I have seen Debra Sue AND my oncologist on a continuous basis with regular CAT/PET scans and blood work, which Debra Sue reviews or orders to assess my health.  My tumors have not grown, much to the delight of my oncologist and primary care doctors.  Debra Sue has always shown me consideration, empathy and encouragement.  I totally believe I would have succumbed to my inevitable guest (the cancer) without Debra Sue’s advice and care.  My oncologist originally diagnosed me as terminal, and feels my attitude is the reason my tumor hasn’t grown.  My primary care doctor attributes my health to “good genes.”  I attribute my health today to my daughter Susan and her siblings, and to Debra Sue’s expert care and knowledge. 

– Doreen W., 77 y.o. cancer thriver


My life has been so positively transformed in the last six months.

I have made such progress in my health during my time in your care. Thank you so much for your help with my migraines.  I am enjoying life so much more now that I can read books, work with more passion – unconstrained by my eye stamina or headaches – and spend time with my family without being compromised by my pain. 

Thank you for everything you have taught me. 

– David L., Computer Scientist


“Thanks again for curing me. You really are remarkable.”

After a battery of tests for everything from lupus to celiac disease to polymorphic light eruption (severe sun allergy) and after a biopsy that left an ugly scar on my arm, my dermatologist threw her hands up and said, “I have no idea what’s wrong with you, but it appears you’ll have to change your relationship with the sun for the rest of your life, and if your rash gets too unsightly, I can prescribe steroid creams.” I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I had already told her multiple times that I’m a nursing mother, with no interest in pharmaceutical products that at best mask symptoms without finding the root cause, let alone a cure. I walked out in disgust. Luckily, a friend offered me a glimmer of hope: “You should go see Debra Sue Kelvin. She cured my mother’s Stage 4 liver cancer.” That sounded impressive. In any case, I knew acupuncture could not be worse than the invasive, stressful, and ultimately useless dermatology visits I’d endured. But that is not to say I was convinced it would help. After all, I was dealing with a mysterious skin disorder, and had no real diagnosis. How do you cure something, when you don’t even know what it is? I went into Debra Sue Kelvin’s office feeling skeptical and hesitant, especially since my insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture treatments. But I liked her instantly. She radiates positivity and calmness. And she had not just skimmed the medical history I’d mailed in to her office; she’d studied it. Passionately. Earnestly. Enthusiastically. She remembered and connected nuances Western doctors would never even notice. And she had a game plan. I’ve used acupuncture in the past, and I already knew the deal. Natural treatments can take time to work. I mentally prepared myself for that, calculating the cost of multiple treatments, ready to do whatever it took to finally be rid of my grotesque and disturbing skin eruptions. But I need not have worried. Debra Sue Kelvin cured me in one visit. Yes, you read that correctly. She used surprisingly few needles, which suggested to me that she was literally pinpointing something, instead of just treating me “in general”. She talked to me about the roles hormones and food sensitivities were playing in my particular skin issues. And she sent me home with some Chinese herbs and a tincture. The next day, I played in the park with my baby for two hours with no reaction to the sun, in contrast to the severe reactions I usually experienced in twenty minutes or less. Over the weeks that followed, I pushed the limits of sun exposure, and still, I could not seem to get my horrible rash to resurface. It was gone. She cured me in one visit, which is astonishing, but completely true. I highly recommend her.

– Corina, Mom + Book Author


Working with Debra Sue has opened my eyes to all of the natural healing plants and nutrients available to us and has made me so much smarter as a consumer!  I plan to continue on this path!  Thank you for your guidance, support, knowledge and nurturing.  Please add Debra Sue dolls to your office.  I want one! J 

– Marie S., Asian Bodyworker + Pilates Instructor


My blood sugar levels were more even and in tighter control! 

I am a Type I Diabetic.  Since working with you and following your Cleanse with a gluten-free diet, I was amazed by my lowered insulin needs.  I took less insulin during these 3 weeks than ever before, meaning my blood sugar levels were more even and in tighter control!   I plan to continue a gluten-free diet for as long as possible.  Plus, no sugar was a truly positive addition to my health.  Thank you!   

– Joanne J., Flight Attendant


Your cleanse class has changed my life.  Not only has it radically changed my physical being but it has transformed my spirit and the way I look at food and how I treat my body.  I suffered from low energy and chronic joint inflammation.  Since the cleanse, all of my joint pain has gone away and I have so much energy I feel like “Tigger”.  Your loving care has given me tools and knowledge that has caused me to be conscious of, and kind, to my body.  I am sleeping better and I have lost 12 pounds.  I have not felt this good in about 10 years.  So thank you again and again for your love and support and for sharing your gifts of knowledge with us.  

Love,  Susan W., 48 yo, Mortgage Broker


Your Cleanse & Healthy Living program exemplifies what Stephen Covey spoke of in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,  “From the space program, we learn that tremendous power is needed to clear the pull of Earth’s gravity.  So it is with breaking old habits.  Breaking deeply embedded habits such as procrastinating, criticizing, overeating, or laziness involves more than a little wishing and willpower.  Often our own resolve is not enough.  We need reinforcing relationships—people and programs that holds us accountable and responsible.”

Thanks to your knowledge, leadership and accountability I quit drinking 8 to 10 cups of coffee (with cream and sugar) each day with very little effort.  I have not eaten any type of refined sweetener, wheat, corn or soy for 20 days and I am not planning to add any of those things soon.  I feel great.  I have lost 15 lbs.  (my goal was 10 lbs.) and  I am sleeping better (also my goal).  Thank you!

– Herb B., Tech & Health Field


Menopause and I feel great!!

Debra Sue asks questions, listens, observes, and has guided my body into balance.  I feel better than when I was in my twenties.

For almost a year and gradually worsening each month, my body was out of balance mostly due to menopause.  I was bloated and constipated.  Laxatives weren’t helping.  I had no energy.  I’d eat and get no energy from the food.  The food was just piling up inside of me.  I was gaining weight, had hot flashes, and was highly reactive to little things.  My sleep was poor.  I was waking up 4-8 times a night.  I’d get up in the morning and still be tired.  I did not want a western doctor and prescription pills to cover up the imbalance.  So I came to Debra Sue.  I was excited about the herbal remedies but not so excited about the acupuncture.  Now I am excited about both and more.

In less than 2 months, my body has changed significantly.  I am full of energy.  No more constipation or bloating.  The hot flashes are gone.  I react to situations more calmly – it hardly seems like me!  I sleep well and wake up fully rested.  My body is burning food efficiently so I’m losing excess weight without dieting.  I eat a meal and feel fully satisfied for hours.

I enjoy the new foods, food combinations, herbs, and supplements Debra Sue has brought into my life.  She knew what my body needed to be properly nourished, fully satisfied, and in balance.  As an added bonus, my relationship with food is the best it has ever been in my whole life.  What a joy that food no longer tempts me all day long.

Don’t be miserable in menopause when you can feel your best!

–  D.S.  58 yo, Teacher