New Year’s Wellness Re-Set Program

“You make the path by walking the path.”  
                                                                                                – David Whyte, Poet

New Year’s Wellness Re-Set Program
Virtual Livestream Class 

Universally, we all want to feel good and live healthy lives. 
We want a clear mindflexible body.  

The truth is, 1 out of ever 2 Americans has a chronic disease.  

1 in 4 has multiple health issues.

At the clinic, and in this Program, we go to the roots, to turn around deeply rooted patterns already underway or, better yet, lower our risk of chronic health issues associated with aging or our family tree.

Here is your roadmap to deeper vitality ~ led by an experienced clinician~guide to move your body/mind into the groove of manifesting something truly healing into being in 2024.. 


* Please consult me before enrolling if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness and/or are currently in treatment under a physician’s care.

This course is for men, women, couples, friends and families who want to feel their best, make lasting changes to live a healthier, longer life and desire a skilled guide.  You’ll receive all of this, plus accountability to achieve these goals.

Meet Debra Sue Kelvin, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac., your professional guide:

debra sue photoI bring over 20 years of expertise in “Food As Medicine” education + consultation to support you through our New Year’s Wellness Re-Set Program.  I stay current with the research so you don’t have to and have trained with respected nutrition authorities including Dean Ornish’s preventive medicine research program, and beyond.  I delight in helping move your health forward.  We’ll start with a kick-off orientation class to map our New Year’s Wellness Re-Set journey.

Course fee:   

ALL IN:  $599 per person  ~ includes 2 Supplement shakes for deeper detox/liver/blood sugar/anti-inflammatory support

CAN DO:  $399 per person 

Pay via:

Venmo:  @debrasuekelvin

Zelle or PayPal:  

Registration Closes January 1st, 2024 at 11:59 pm PT.

imagesYour Course class has changed my life. 

“The Course is amazing.  Debra Sue is amazing.  She is a skilled guide both through the nutritional + emotional parts of the Program.  Changing small things in my diet for just 3 weeks revealed unconscious habits I’ve had for years but was never aware of before.  More surprisingly, it became obvious that those habits of eating that were unconscious were also unconscious habits I have in the rest of my life, especially how I make decisions under pressure. I chose time and convenience and short-term results over everything else in lots of situations – not just in what I had for breakfast.  Within days of the Program my digestive problems disappeared completely.  It turns out my belief that this was all caused by aging had nothing to do with it. Day by day I felt lighter, moved better, and had more energy. I’m aware of my old habits and recognize the moment when I have a choice – and I choose the way I feel now!  Thank you, Debra Sue!

      larry  – Larry L., Entrepreneur, Marin County  [/HB_testimonial]