All of us have cancer cells in our body. Not all of us will develop cancer. - David Servan-Schreiber, MD

Cancer is not one disease, but a combination of complex disease processes.

By addressing your unique “biological terrain” we create an internal environment that enhances your vitality, while down-regulating cancer’s hold on your system.

In certain cases, cancer can be managed like a chronic disease, such as diabetes or heart disease – with evidence-supported herbs, nutrients, diet and lifestyle changes.  When cancers are more advanced, cancer care requires advanced support.

In all cases, we bring an evidence-based, individualized cancer support approach to evaluate your “biological terrrain”, tumor bio-markers, and when possible, tumor profiling, to understand the unique characteristics of your cancer so we can better support your state of health and modulate your cancer environment.

We support you during your treatment and recovery to keep you balanced and your cells protected – in mind, body and spirit.  Whether you are in treatment or in remission – we work together to keep your body resilient and to prevent re-occurrence.

Our “Collaborative Oncology” approach – which invites working with you and your Oncologist – offers you the best options for improved treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Our Cancer Management Plan includes all stages of cancer care:

  1. Prevention
  2. Co-Treatment with your conventional therapies
  3. Recovery
  4. Preventing Re-occurrence

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