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Think you might be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue? That constellation of burnout, exhaustion, brain fog, weight gain, for example. We now call that “HPA Axis Dysfunction” which speaks to the brain-adrenal signaling being out of balance.

It’s all too common.

The pace and habits of modern living are stressful.

Our stress hormones are on alert, sometimes for days or months on end.

Some examples of lifestyle stressors include lack of sleep, “pushing through” our fatigue, using stimulants like coffee, chocolate and sugar to keep going, a bad diet, over-committing ourselves, and not having enough joy or down-time.

We are meant to adapt + respond to stress in small bursts – not constant ones – and recover.

Taking steps using natural, safe, integrative care can help you thrive, lower your risk of chronic disease, and help you lead a vibrant life.

Symptoms of Adrenal Stress or Fatigue:

  • fatigue for no reason
  • difficulty waking up in the morning, even when you go to bed at a reasonable hour
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • difficulty bouncing back from stress
  • inability to recover appropriately from exercise
  • headaches with physical or mental stress
  • weak immune system & allergies
  • slow to start in the morning
  • gastric ulcers
  • afternoon headaches
  • feeling full or bloated
  • craving sweets, caffeine or cigarettes
  • craving salty snacks
  • blurred vision
  • unstable behavior
  • becoming shaky or light-headed if meals are missed or delayed
  • cannot stay asleep or cannot fall asleep
  • feeling more awake, alert and energetic in the evening than you do all day
  • dizziness when moving from sitting to standing or lying to standing
  • transient spells of dizziness
  • asthma
  • hemorrhoids, varicose veins

Here are the steps you need to recover from Adrenal Fatigue:

1.    Find out if you have adrenal fatigue.

We use Diagnos-Tech’s Adrenal Stress Index test to assess your cortisol / circadian rhythms and related stress hormones.

2.   Analyze your results to reveal what your unique pattern looks like.

We evaluate your results, then review them with you to educate you on where you need support.

3.   Undertake a therapeutic plan for your unique situation.

We create a regimen you can follow based on your individual needs – so you can THRIVE.

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