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Debra Sue Kelvin, MS, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac., lectures throughout the Bay Area on a wide variety of health topics.  

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Upcoming Lecture Event: 

But I’m Only 40 (-ish)!
Managing Peri-Menopause334fe5f5-5921-4c39-bcba-2571f40dc712

Move from frustration to wisdom ~ as we unravel the complex peri-menopause web which can start in our mid-30s to early 40s and last throughout our mid- to late-50s or longer.

We will discuss natural relief from increased PMS, mood swings, night sweats, low libido, palpitations, irregular cycles, weight changes, insomnia + more. 

Discussion led by Debra Sue Kelvin, MS. L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. 



Friday, September 4th

12 pm – 1 pm

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, 1744 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

This lecture is freely presented as part of the annual Women’s Vitality event at Pharmaca.


Debra Sue Kelvin, MS, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. lecture topics include:

  • Spices that Heal

  • Holistic Integrative Oncology:  A Natural Approach to Correcting Immune Impairment & Response to Cancer

  • Botanical Medicine:  Applying Novel Compounds in Cancer Prevention & Treatment

  • Food As Medicine in Cancer Therapies

  • Inflammation: The Silent Storm in Chronic Disease

  • Metabolic Factor in Cancer:  Balancing the Onco-Metabolic Milieu

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Feed Your Genes

  • Zzzzz Importance of Sleep

  • Stress + Adrenal Fatigue

  • Feel Fabulous Over Forty

  • Mastering Menopause

  • Sexy Plants, Sexy Foods, Sexy You

  • Your Happy, Healthy Heart

  • Beyond Beauty Sleep:  The Science + Solutions for Sleeping Well, Staying Well + Aging Gracefully